Recruiting Talents
Only Use
People Oriented
Commendation Guide

Formulate Employment Policies

Various rules and regulations protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees

Value And Train Talents

Build a broad platform to realize the common growth of enterprises and employees, and share the fruits of enterprise development.

Strengthen Safety Education

Improve employees' safety awareness and operating skills to ensure their personal safety.

Five social insurance and one housing fund
Various Bonuses
Welfare Holiday
Health Checkup
Holiday Gifts
Birthday Gift
Maternity Leave Allowance
Anxi Dragon Gate
Zixi Mountain
Changtai Xiaohuangshan
Changtai Golf Course
Yunnan Workers' Games
Yunnan Workers' Games
Fire drill in Yunnan base
Window of the world
Training photos
Ningde Baishuiyang
Team Work
Emergency drill at Fujian production base
Company trip to Huangshan